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Name:Guo Jujie


Address:Room 10-2, 6/F, Building A, Hualian Building, 51 Huaihai East Road, Gulou District, Xuzhou City, Jia


Company Profile

Beijing KLR Medical & Consulting Co. Ltd (hereafter referred to as KLR) is an investigational product (IP) development support organization. KLR was established in Sep 2007 in Beijing, China, and consisted of industry and senior technical experts.

It can provide full-service IP development, with a particular focus on regulatory affairs, clinical trial operations, quality controls and medical writing in the People’s Republic of China. KLR can provide services and expertise in the following areas: translation, medical writing, clinical trial operation, regulatory affairs, project third party audit, GCP training, medical consulting and other types of support.

All the services above are carried out through our experienced and qualified team. We provide aScientific, Ethical, Honesty and Win-win” approach our clients with professional and efficient services.

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